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«Serdtce Kaspiya»

The Residential Complex «Serdtce Kaspiya»

«Serdtce Kaspiya» is a new great project of the developer group «City Group» at the segment of comfort class, which is situated at Naberezhnaya Privolzhskogo Zaton.

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«Volzhskaya Riviera»

The Residential Complex «Volzhskaya Riviera»

A presentable district, high-status environment, up-to-date level of conveniences are at your disposal…Bright and stormy life of Caspian capital environs you but doesn’t disturb with its fuss. It delights your eye with panoramic view of the white-stone town which looks into the wide windows of your living room.

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«Serdtce Kaspiya»

Commercial object «Serdtce Kaspiya»

There are several commercial units of the area 275-343 square meters for sale on the second floor in the first block of the Residential Complex «Serdtse Kaspiya».

Combination of the uniqueness of the residence complex, vehicle access and well developed infrastructure of the region make this place one of the most attractive not only for daily life of apartment dwellers but also for business.

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