Serdtce Kaspiya


The Residential Complex Serdtce Kaspiya


Adress: Astrakhan Naberezhnaya Privolzhskogo Zatona, 20
Apartments: 530 apartments
Deadline: 1st quarter 2017

Serdtce Kaspiya is a new great project of the developer group City Group at the segment of comfort class, which is situated at Naberezhnaya Privolzhskogo Zaton.

Key conception of the project is creation of the comfortable city environment instead of industrial estate which was there previously. Infrastructure of the complex meets all needs of occupants: parking area, kindergarten, super market, fitness centers which are in the closest vicinity. Besides public amenities, Serdtce Kaspiya provides all the necessary opportunities for active lifestyle and outdoor activities: tennis courts, basketball courts, outdoor playset, bicycle paths, recreation area.

The first stage of construction includes three-section 17-storied residence with commercial facilities on the first and second floors. The residence is situated along green river walk Privolzhskogo Zatona, one can see splendid view at the channel.

The first block:

Description: Great variety of flat areas and flat plans will satisfy not only families with children but also those who are not married and choose their first flat to begin independent life or buy flat for their parents, in order they can live separately but not to lose connection with children.

By the handover date there will be prefinish operations made. It includes construction of leveling strainer, walls will be smoothed and plastered by white plaster blend Knauf. It will release you from trouble and save your money for repair.

Also tongue-and-groove boards will be installed in the flats. However they are not bearing ones so you can do replanning if you wish.

The project provides appartments of different space areas, which meet requirements of different categories of purchasers:

One-room appartments 42,5 53,4 square meters

Two-room appartments - 61,8 - 78,5 square meters

Three-room appartments - 111,2 - 124,2 square meters

The second block  

The second block continues shaped course of the new approach to construction of high quality  in the  segment of Comfort class. The most remarkable feature of the second block of the residential complex Serdtce Kaspiyawill be its innovative approach to space planning.

Appartments with big kitchen and studio apartments will be represented for the first time in this block. Studio apartments with area size 33.8 of square meters unite kitchen and living room into one room whereas correct space zoning will make the room comfortable and convenient.

In keeping with the best traditions of European space planning we offer apartments where living room is united with kitchen and dining room. It increases space for communication with members of the family and guests whereas other rooms will have the function of bedroom and childrens room.

Place planning of every room is thought over thoroughly. There is no functionless space at all, that might have increased the price. Suggestions on placement of furniture illustrate functionality of the apartments and demonstrate that there is just as much space as you need.

Ceiling height in the second block is higher 2.85 meters, also there is stained-glass glazing in some apartments. It means that space of your apartments will seem larger that it is. Increased window area and stained-glass glazing will fill you apartments with sunlight and fresh air

The project of the second block of the residential complex Serdtce Kaspiya provides apartments of different space areas, which meets the requirements of different kinds of purchasers:

Studio apartments 33.8 square meters

One-room apartments 45,1 - 50,5 square meters

Two-room apartments 60,3  -  79,9 square meters

Three-room apartments 100,5 - 113,7 square meters


Residence Complex Serdtce Kaspiya outstands with its unique location between two water areas: Volga on the one side and beautiful riverwalk Privolzhskogo Zatona on the other side.

Combination of shapeliness, vehicle access and well developed infrastructure of the region make this place one of the most attractive for quiet and comfortable life in the city.