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Ravil Yanborisov: «Construction of two residential complexes is not the final border for us»


General Director LLC «City Group» and Manager of the projects «Volzhskaya Riviera» and «Serdtse Kaspiya» gave the interview about how to perform work not paying attention to rumors, not losing steam of construction process and coordinating two projects at the same time.

-Ravil Rashidovich, three years ago when the story of the company «City Group» has begun you proclaimed the construction of the perfect building to be the main idea of the project. Can you say that the idea of the project is actualized now when the first tower of the construction is ready and the second one is on the edge of handover?

-Well the final answer should be given by the apartment dwellers of our residential complex. As concerns the Tower A we may say that all the plans were brought to life successfully. In particular the handover of the building is performed as it was planned, the quality of construction activities is in accordance with performance claim.

As for Tower B, it is at the final stage of construction. At the same time we perform installation works of the front of the commercial building. In a word all three buildings will acquire the final look very soon.

But even now I am glad that appearance of a new dominating structure at Naberezhnaya Privolzhskogo Zatona induced positive reaction of our citizens. Towers of «Volzhskaya Riviera» fitted into townscape perfectly and numerous photos in social nets posted by Astrakhan people prove it.

Besides it is very pleasant to admit that our approach to promotion of the residential complex sets a kind of a new trend for other developers in our city. As a result they began to approach to construction business on the basis of branding. Appearance of the brand «Volzhskaya Riviera» motivated other developers to create their own style. I am glad that our example gained efficiency to this branch.

-«Volzhskaya Riviera» is a very scale project for our city. At the beginning a lot of people didn’t believe that 3D visualization would become the reality. What problems did you face to while working with potential clients?

-We have just begun doing all the works in the prescribed pace but faced to a great number of tales. For example I found out with a big surprise that the residential complex, which I devoted all my time to, is built by some famous Moscow government regulator, or that «Volzhskaya Riviera» is built due to Kobzon’s money…There were a lot of funny and absolutely incredible factoids! People had doubts that the residential complex of such a level can become a reality in Astrakhan. But the higher Tower A were the less fears purchasers had. Among the latest rumors about «Volzhskaya Riviera» there is one which stuck in my memory: «The complex was built very fast so it means that something queer about it!». So they were displeased too!

But joking aside, modern monolithic construction methods give an opportunity to build up high-rise buildings within a short time. And vice-versa, the building process is drawn out if the developer depends on financing, sales or bank loans. Our high tempo of construction activity would be impossible without our main partner – major investment company.

-So «City Group» and «Volzhskaya Riviera» are the very same cases when the company which announced itself at the real estate market for the first time completely satisfied expectations of the purchasers. In this regard there is a question about those people who plans to acquire the real estate on the stage of construction. What points should they pay attention to as a matter of priority?

-I mentioned already reliability of the developer and length of construction period but the most important thing that potential purchasers should align with is co-investment contract which is executed according to Federal Law 214. There should be purchase terms, handover date, responsibilities of the parts marked…All the other ways of estate acquisition on the stage of building don’t give any guaranties of defense of rights of the purchasers. We act only according to Federal Law 214.

-Now the new project of your company Residential Complex «Serdtse Kaspiya» is on everyone’s lips. Even now some people compare these two complexes and don’t suspect that the developer is the same. What do «Volzhskaya Riviera» and «Serdtse Kaspiya» have in common and what are the differences between them?

-The developer of both complexes is the company «City Group». And the main and common principle of the projects is understanding of real necessities and requests of people, extreme attention to small details.

But for all that it’s not correct to compare these two complexes as they are referred to different segments of the real estate market. «Volzhskaya Riviera» is a residence of premium class whereas «Serdtse Kaspiya» is one of comfort class of improved quality. Complexes have different concepts as well: «Volzhskaya Riviera» is a quiet island of serenity in the very center of Astrakhan, whereas «Serdtse Kaspiya» is a modern and all-sufficient «city inside the city». These projects are orientated at different people.

-By the way who are they, purchasers of apartments in the Residential Complex «Serdtse Kaspiya»?

-If in case with «Volzhskaya Riviera» we can say for sure that the majority of our clients are businessmen, then in case with our second project we can’t give any specific features of the clients.

But I suppose that they are independent young people at the age of 25-35 years and young families. Parents buy apartments in «Serdtse Kaspiya» for their children as well as children buy apartments for their parents.

The main factor which attracts families with children is a big green territory and its own infrastructure. For example there are all the necessary conveniences for life of the modern active person at the domestic territory such as recreation areas, sports ground, bicycle paths. The project provides playgrounds, supermarket, pharmacy, fitness center, private kindergarten.

-So it means that Residential Complex «Serdtse Kaspiya» continues tradition of high quality which began during the project «Volzhskaya Riviera», doesn’t it?

-Sure. We use the best and reliable construction supplies only. For example we use boarding of the world famous brand PERI. Its quality is proved during the building construction all over the world such as famous skyscrapers «Cuatro Torrez Highrise» in Spain, Oresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden, Automobile Museum «Mercedez Benz» in Germany… Now this boarding is used for construction of our resident complex.

Also we are the first developers in Astrakhan who uses ventilation system of the Austrian company SCHIEDEL. The system SCHIEDEL provides natural climate in the aparts house and raises a level of comfort.

We approach to every stage of construction on the basis of high quality only. For  example shipment of the concrete is accompanied with samples, which give the guarantee of the quality, incoming quality control is performed at the construction zone then the check concrete strength development is performed…Quality control is also performed during brickwork as well. Bricks which are of bad quality are sent back to the supplier. Our team controls every stage of the construction process and I got used to keep up with everything what is going on at the construction objects.

-Some people are confused by the location of the Resident Complex «Serdtse Kaspiya» - noise of the road, close situation of the railway…

-You know potential purchasers of the apartments at the Residential Complex «Volzhskaya Riviera» had the same fears. But when we built the first Tower our apartment dwellers made sure that smart engineering of the project completely protect apartments from unnecessary noise.

The fact that the Resident Complex «Serdtse Kaspiya» is situated on the red line of Naberezhnaya Privolzhskogo Zatona is its main advantage. There are marvelous views on the water surface from every window of the building. As for worries about noise they are absolutely unreasonable because triple-pane windows REHAU are installed in every apartment as well as system of sound and noise prevention ROCKWOL.

–What is the difference of the Residential Complex «Serdtse Kaspiya» from the other residential complex at the segment of comfort class?

-It is combination of three factors: the price, situation and construction at a fast pace. «Serdtse Kaspiya» is the only residential complex of the comfort class which is built on the red line on Naberezhnaya Privolzhskogo Zatona at the most presentable and picturesque region of the city.

One of the specific advantages of the Residential Complex «Serdtse Kaspiya» is the offer of apartments with ready design. After making additional payment of 7 000 rubles for square meter our client will receive apartment where he will need only to furnish furniture and facilities. Floor and walls covering, installation of luminaires and interior doors, bath and toilet equipment everything is included into repair. Also it is very important that there are three different color schemes represented to choose from.

Our offer of the apartments with design is convenient for those who consider real estate to be the purchase as investment and plan to rent it to other people.

-How is sale of the Residential Complex «Serdtse Kaspiya» going on?

-Excellent. Currently more than one third of the apartments are sold in the first block. There is a simple explanation to this fact – it is more cost efficient to buy the real estate at the early stages of construction because price of the square meter is lower. This is the main reason of the active investment into real estate. Taking into consideration modern economic situation it is a very wise decision.

-By the way how does economic situation influence pace of construction?

-No doubts, situation in the country influences us as well as other market players. But pace of construction depends first of all on the responsibility of the developer and his financial well-being. Our investor is very reliable that’s why the construction process of the first block is performed in dynamic pace of construction according to our plan. At the end of the year we are planning to finish construction and installation works of the first building and to start pile sinking for the second block in April this year.

Accreditation of the largest banks VTB24 and Sberbank Rossii at the earliest stages of the construction process proves the reliability of our company.

We completely sure of our strength that’s why strategy of «City Group» is unchangeable: to create real estate of high quality not cutting the expenses on construction materials.

-Ravil Rashidovich, how do you manage to coordinate two large projects at the real estate market at the same time?

-I have always told that a good team is formula for success. I mean coordinated and united team which works for the result and understands the target of the company. I am completely sure of the professionalism of our team, mastership and experience of our contractors and partners. That’s why most of the processes function on the basis of automatic and integrated approach which doesn’t require a lot of time and energy waste.

So I can say without any doubt that the construction of two residential complexes is not the final border for us, we have a lot of plans either in our city or other Russian regions.


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